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Hi, my name is Philip Hristin Andreev, I'm from Bulgaria and I'm mainly focused on environment art. 

I work with programs such as Blender, Unreal Engine and some of the Allegorithmic products.

In the last few months I've spent most of my time creating materials with Substance Designer.

All materials presented here are SBSAR format, so you can use them in Substance Painter.

PBR Horde is a website for completely FREE assetsNo accounts required or email spam in your mail box. Just download whatever you need and use it for your creativity.

The goal is to upload new materials for free each month.
My ambition is to create a constantly growing community-funded resource base, so if you like my work and want to help this site to grow even more, please consider 
supporting me on Patreon. 





Aged Wood

Alien Rock

Cracked Asphalt

Alien Battleground

Brick Wall 01

Brick Wall 02

Cliff 01

Cliff 02

Cliff 03

Cliff 04

Cliff 05

Cliff 06

Cliff 07

Cobblestone 01

Concrete Wall Blocks

Cracked Mud

Cracked Soil

Desert Rock 01

Desert Rock 02

Desert Rock 03

Dirt 01

Dirty Melting Snow

Dried Mud

Forest Floor 01

Forest Floor 02

Forest Floor 03

Marble Floor 01

Marble Floor 02

Mossy Roof

Muddy Melting Snow


Old Clay

Pine Forest

Plaster Wall

Rock 01

Rock 02

Rock 03

Rock 04

Rock 05

Rock 06

Rocky Dirt

Rocky Mud

Rocky Snow

Sandy Stones 01

Sandy Stones 02

Snow 01

Spider Marble


Tiles 01

Tiles 02



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